Course Conditions

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RACE DAY!!  Feb 18th, 2018 Course Update:

“This is the best course we have ever seen, of any race. It’s by far the absolute best conditions in 22 chapters of  BATB.”  -22 year veteran groomer & skier of Book

The surface is extremely firm tilled and packed snow, groomed for both skate and classic ski lanes.  The first kilometer is groomer with 12 classic tracks, funneling down to 4 tracks the entire course length.  The skate lanes, run/walk, and snowshoe lanes are roughly 35 feet wide, and extremely firm and quick.  No noticeable pressure ridges on the course and zero exposed ice mean you’re in the clear to sprint the entire course at full speed!

670 (roughly) luminaries survived the conditions and travel and will light the trail this year, along with dozens of tiki torches and lanterns!

Reminder:  Never leave the trail.  Ice conditions are extremely safe, however we can only guarantee your safety by staying on our marked course at all times. 


Please remember to dress appropriately!  Race start time temps are forecast to be around 27 degrees, with minimal wind, however after 6.2 miles (10K) you’ll be chilled if not dressed properly.


This photo taken by a BATB Volunteer shows the surface left behind by our BATB Groomer when power tilling the hard packed snow on the surface of the ice.